AudioRetoucher 5.20

Change the pitch and tempo of a sound track in real time

AudioRetoucher can process audio files to change to pitch and tempo of a musical composition. In my opinion, its most outstanding feature is that it does all the processing in real time, which helps tweak the parameters until the recording sounds as you expect. The tool supports importing such popular formats as MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, and AIFF.

Fortunately, the program can detect the tempo of a song automatically. Likewise, it allows shifting the key of a song in around twelve semitones from the original while preserving its tempo. It also gives the possibility to modify playback speed with great accuracy. Finally, you can adjust the bass and treble values to compensate for possible distortions arising from other previous changes. When you get the desired results, you can export the file in WAV or MP3 formats. Good news is that the tool keeps the original tags.

All in all, AudioRetoucher is a useful tool for transposing music. However, other users can also have a little fun, mostly by changing recorded voices. While some of its features are hard to find, others are commonly present in standard audio players. For my part, I truly believe this product is overpriced. However, you do not need to buy it, as you can use its trial version, which shamefully does not allow saving any changes.

Pedro Castro
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  • Processes audio in real time
  • Can detect the tempo automatically
  • Helps transposing music


  • Overpriced
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